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HR 08.06.2022

“We must have the courage to work with data in a way that adds value”

In this episode of the HRM Hacks we have Daniel Prümers as a guest. From him we learn how the time to hire can be significantly reduced with the correct use of data and software and what mistakes recruiters should avoid during the application process. As Chief Operating Officer at GermanPersonnel, Daniel Prümers is responsible for Media Management, Strategy & Business Development and Marketing. Before that, he was Senior Vice President Data at ProSiebenSat.1 Media.

For Daniel Prümers, the application process cannot go fast enough. When it comes to this topic, he likes to use a comparison from the book trade. “I used to have to go to the store, order and then wait two weeks for the book to arrive.” Today Amazon is there for that. A few clicks on the web and the book is in the mailbox the next day at the latest. He observed a similar development in recruiting. Nowadays, neither applicants nor companies can afford to drag the hiring process out for many weeks. “The applicant is then gone, he goes somewhere else,” says Daniel Prümers. And the company loses money because the work stops.

The search and finding of an employee should be done as quickly as possible. And in the digital age, Daniel Prümers believes, it should be a matter of course for HR managers to use the appropriate software and technology to optimize the application process. “For the preliminary work, i.e. the matching of qualifications, the selection based on data points, the psychological suitability, the motivation, there are solutions that already support the recruiter in making a pre-selection,” says Daniel Prümers. What he often still misses in companies is the courage to use such software.

Don’t be afraid of handling sensitive data

Daniel Prümers suspects that this reluctance is due to the inevitable handling of “extremely sensitive data”. “But we mustn’t be afraid to aggregate and anonymize data to such an extent that we can work with it in a way that adds value.” He describes himself as an “absolute advocate of data protection”. But also the collection of data. “With the right systems, with open systems, with interoperability and with the right handling of data, the time to hire can be reduced,” says Daniel Prümers. The prerequisite for this is that the recruiter is able to develop the appropriate mindset in the company.

As a proven marketing expert, Daniel Prümers recommends recruiters to “learn from online marketing”. He, who was able to immerse himself in both worlds, sees parallels between the two camps, at least on paper. “The actual practice then usually looks very different,” says Daniel Prümers. “When it comes to standards, interfaces, optimization of algorithms or performance models, recruiting can learn a great deal from online marketing,” says Daniel Prümers. Countless start-ups would already make a good living from transferring the “patterns and lessons learned” from the field of online marketing to the world of recruiting.

To person:

The business administration graduate Daniel Prümers Prümers has been working in the media and digital industry for almost 20 years. His career began at Bertelsmann, further stations were Lycos Europe and the software provider Spotigo, for which he acted as CEO and founded himself in 2005.

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